Box Springs Mountain Park is located in Grand Terrace, California

Description: Box Springs Mountain Park is located between Riverside, Redlands, and Moreno Valley. Just look for the mountains with all the radio antennas. This is definitely a ride for the experienced. There is plenty of uphill starting at Mt. Vernon Rd. The best part is when you get to the single track. This is awesome, extremely technical, "killer" single track. At the end you get to "fly" back down Pigeon Pass Rd. back to the starting point. This is another one of those high speed roads. So make sure you maintain a safe speed, and wear a helmet, padding, and anything else to protect your body. Don't ride beyond your ability. See Disclaimer.

Directions: From Hwy. 215, take the Barton Road exit. Drive East into Grand Terrace. Park in the Town & Country Center at the corner of Barton Rd. and Mt. Vernon Rd. From there you will ride your bike up Mt. Vernon Rd. which then turns into Pegeon Pass Rd. Take that all the way up to Box Springs Mountain Road. Turn right and follow the road until you come to a dead end, which is the entrance to Box Springs Mountain Park.

Red = Fire Road
Grwy = Paved Road
Blue = Single Track / Dual Track

(This content is courtesy of John Blenio.)